Raggedy Anne: Poetry

There's just another
manic moment that I
can't seem to catch,
and if I close my eyes for
a second, I think my life
will pass me by

I weave these tales into
braids of symbolic litany,
barely thinking for the feeling
of being so out of breath

The sidewalks bleed with litter,
my shoes just skit on by
I think I'll smoke another cigarette
and pretend I know what's going on

I've got some ashes in my
pockets from my dreams,
I think I'll scatter them from the
urn of hope along the Hudson's edge

This life is all blurry, man,
it doesn't make any sense
When your heart just keeps on beating
though the pain blurs all the lines

And I'm just so much of a
Raggedy Anne needing to be mended
but there's no one around with
a needle or a thread to resew
my head back on

Can you stop the river,
the motion of the ocean,
can you let it sweep aside
all the pain you've got to bare?
'Cause I'm all done, man,
I'm tired of trying and living
Nobody knows how the wind blows
And nobody ever cares

least of all me...

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