Passageway: Poetry

Dancing with shadows and
kicking heels in the dust
seeking twilight's mystery
Walking through meadows,
searching for trust
to delve inside of me
Inner conviction,
rising upward and out
above and beyond the call
My little prediction
is that I will struggle and shout
but from my goal never fall

Live in this moment,
reign the mind in
Let the veils fall from my eyes
Revelation is imminent,
turn from temptation,
to go back to sleep is unwise

I call to you Father,
Grand Mother, Great Soul!
God deliver me into your arms!
No worries or bothers,
releasing control
and the fear that I will cause harm

Majestic legacy,
revisited in Buddha's laughter
I embrace my birthright
that I can be
the rose beyond thorns
wielding the sword with wisdom
beyond might

For one thing I know
wherever I go:
Love will light the passageway...

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