The God Allusion: Poetry

 Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you. May you be blessed and prosperous on your path:

Come now,
Let me show you
The sacred in a grain of sand:
Existence is just a riddle
Forged by a child’s hand

Fate is just a board game
Winding down to the last
And it always ends in a draw
When the final die is cast

The wise men watch in silence
As the world goes all to rot
Because they see the underpinnings
Of Loki’s every plot

The least fit among the people
Rise to the top like bread
But after a while,
For all their guile
They’ll still sink like lead

The Gold Apples of Knowledge
Comprise the veil
Between Science and Mystery
To them that hath an ear, now hear…
To them that hath eyes, now see…

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