The Clockwork Luddite: Poetry

I've been tripping
on the LSD of a
husked out parasitic line
that unlocked the doorway
to freedom with
a single technicolor screen

I saw the flashes of
an idiosyncratic show
blighted with lofty designs
that shoved me into an
anachronistic hole
with a blistering sheen

And so I danced there
in those hollows unexplored,
I moved with ease and sacredness
in the passageways of tech
There were no rulers here,
it was all chaos at its best
So I blazed in all my glory
and made true the dream beyond
the physical plane
For there was nothing here but
space and opportunity was mine

Now you want me to detox
in a husked out day-glo room
highlighted by a single chair
You want me to go legit
and play by rules you've made

I'm like an aging Queen botoxed
and naked in my wretchedness,
and totally stripped bare
I'm the enemy of your order
and how you relish to paint
a spade a spade

And now I'm bound here
in these infinite corridors
Swept out like so much garbage
across a permeable deck
Now there are rulers here
atop of pillars bearing crests
of pioneering stories
where they shouldered on
across Netscape terrain,
every idea congealing on
the surface of a world wide
computer mind

Here they come to pry
my eyelids open
and force me to learn
their limitations and abide
by their rules
Hours of brainwashing to
tell me that code is not free,
sites are patrolled
and I've got to use
the popular way to do anything

Here they come to carve up
the rest of my mind,
scoop out everything they can't
yet discern
They don't get the nature
of the creation because the lot
of them are fools
They attend school to acquire
what just comes to me,
and then do what they're told
because coloring outside the lines
is so completely appalling

And now I'm normal here
in these online virtual stores
I'm just another shopper,
whose cash you will inspect
Now I'm the Luddite here
sporting transvestite dress
in a chariot lorry
A hacker living on the fumes
of an eviscerated brain,
the victim of other wolves
who will soon shatter the
firewall I hide behind

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