Sympathetic Anesthesia: Poetry

(Something I wrote last year)

Wrap me in your
synthetic existence,
the labyrinth of opiate's time
gallivanting past the old man's collar

Shoot up my veins with the
drug of your sorrows
give me your high of fulfilling
every failure's dream

Enchant me with the spiel
of your vocal mystics
where all blurs into the
erratic sync of your deleted files

I am the embodiment
of your every refutation
I am your sympathetic anesthesia,
numb in body save for my ears

I can listen to your echoed misery,
seek out the rancid abyss of your guilt
Absorb it all until I lay dormant
like some husked out parasitic vine

You've got the elevated juice,
the fundamentalist electronic vibe
that courses through my amethyst maze
to an erotic concave core

It leaves me electrified,
cranked up on enriched passion
that cancels out my fondest delusions
of what normalcy could mean

Because I'm just your plastic freak,
your voided revamped soul
Your sympathetic anesthesia
that you snort as if I'm coke

Do a line and call it contentment
stand still in stagnant solitude
Draw out my clandestine psychedelics
and color them with self-loathing hues

Maybe I'm partially prophetic
in that I see the industrial end
where it all leads to the inevitable blockade
between sharp and poisoned blades

My boots are strapped on now,
the dragon breathes in bursts of chaotic flame
Do you know what you've unleashed now
that I am awake once more?

I can be your sympathetic anesthesia,
you can dance with my reptilian form
But once I've been used up,
my fire will be reborn

These flames burn high and sweet;
they erase addiction's kiss
Tender soul wants to love someone,
the dragon revels in loneliness...

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