Note: This poem is one of favorites of all I've written. I wrote it while feeling deeply in the grips of love. Each time I read it, I know that place has never left me. And the man who inspired it remains, as always, the most profound portion of my journey here.

If you closed your eyes,
can you see me,
standing here in white
and lace
wings sheltering me
against the halo of light

Could you feel my skin
so supple beneath your
the first breath of expression,
when there were none
in existence save us?

Can you remember me,
your Eve,
the one who stood with you
before time unfurled its tongue
with the lyrical Word
that became a God
and the fanciful Light
that simultaneously created
the Veil?

My Adam,
shrouded in black,
sparkles of stars on your
face of galaxies
not yet dreamed,
of universes not yet
there with raven's wings
and a fathomless heart,
how I've lived in your eyes,
how I've died in your shadow
and been reborn
in your sacred seeds...

How I loved thee,
before time,
before everything
was intricately woven
into us,
these prisms of division,
these illusions of difference

And how I love you still
now that I am awakened
knowing oneness with my other,
raptured in the divine grace
of your tears
which you would never shed
for me,
those shining diamonds
now full of love's greatest harvest

Here with me now,
listen to the beat
of synchronized hearts
within infinite manifestations
of matter mystified
with the haze of our
lips locked in the sacred
flames of desire

My deity, my Osirius,
my king returned from
sands swept into mortal
We knew life then,
you and I,
within the core of white
and gold and pureness

We knew life as gods
and gods as life
in our existence

And now in flesh once
I ask you for your hand
in love and the sacred
Let us remember who
we were,
Let us recall who we are

My Adam,
Your Eve...

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