Elegance: Poetry

I am that ragtime girl,
hair in bouncing strands
that dance in the wind
full of a trumpet's sweet blast

In the sensual tidings
of repression's abyss
I learn to create the elaborate
and weave it with fantasy

And that is why I'm elegant,
the sleek, sublime line
of theory
There is no recompense
from the antidote to the dull
I proclaim

I kick my shoes off now
and swing my arms out wide,
the smile riding on my lips
is as genuine as the thrill

I'm taking your hand
to pull you to your feet
as you protest that you shouldn't
when your seat is barely cold

But then you're caught up
in my grooving motion,
where time stands still and
thought dissipates into laughter
We doing that swing that
don't mean a single thing
with a beep-bop, do-wop kind
of message everybody can know

And that's why we're elegant,
these roaring feelings met with glam
Sliding around in too-hard shoes
that don't define us anymore

We had to go back in time
to the drink and smoke and jazz,
so we could recall nothing at all
could keep the moment any less itself

Let's not talk about the party ending;
we know the music will stop soon enough
But right now, it's all just dancing, baby
and I've got a little left in me

So do you.

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