Reborn: Poetry

Through the spiral of fear I travel,
my feet racking across the shards
of the past
vanquishing ghosts haunting
the labyrinth of my heart all day,
all night
Who knows this woman
with eyes mysterious chocolate
Winter’s smile frozen on a molting
Breathing in, breathing out
shoulders hunched as I ease my frame
out of the cocoon I've slept in
for five years time
Half in, half out
I taste the fresh air of possibility
My eyes scan horizons as yet unexplored
Sliding, shifting, shrugging, shoving
until only my feet remain inside the ill-fitting skin
Deep breath in, deep breath out
The Dragonfly emerges
stretching her wings for flight
And woe to those caught unaware
by the person I've been all along
for they will never see me coming
They will find nothing but an empty
shell on the ground by their feet
where they were more comfortable
greeting me
Puzzled as to where I've gone,
they will search the sand and find it
They will call my name and hear the wind
Then on a whim they will turn and see me:
Tenacious noble trapping fire and ice,
flitting through air on harmony's bliss
Prodigal daughter, grand mother, great soul
Chanting the rhythm of probability's song
Swaying in tune to the cadence of life
held fast by majestic amethyst wings...

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