Nevermind: Poetry

These footsteps are too
deep to follow,
I sink in the soil of
my own demise as I try
But I keep trudging on
through mystery,
reaching out towards
the horizon's sky
And I wonder if I'll ever
make it beyond duality's
mist and reason's divide,
if I'll transcend the
Garden where Life and Knowledge
existed side by side

Then I say to myself,
"Nevermind," because
I've been walking all this
time without realizing I have wings...

Pouring through the poetry
of ancient texts written long ago,
drinking in their wisdom
as if they are the fountain
through which all light must flow
And my hands keep shaking the
more I learn,
And my heart keeps trembling
the more I know
But I keep walking in these
over stones left by sages
through the journey of woe

And then I tell myself, "Nevermind."
I've been walking all this time,
forgetting that I already know
how to fly...

So God,
if I stop telling myself
that I've forgotten,
if I stop believing that I
don't have a chance,
Will you open up the door
and let me gracefully begin my dance?

If I let go,
will you catch me in the embrace
of the infinite,
will you hold me against the tides
of power flowing through all,
and let me just be,
just be,
just be...

Then I tell myself, "Nevermind."
Because I am a child of humans and angels,
who is too afraid to fly...

Here beneath the Hidden Tree
I stand, stretching wings,
singing things,
of all the delights Creation brings...

All is unity
because it all exists in me
Within and without
Beyond and through
this is just Totality

And to the people I say, "Nevermind."
We are all the children of Heaven
who have told ourselves we will never fly...

But I can and I will
Because if I do not, then we will not
remember the way to return back Home...

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