I am a Queen: Poetry

I am a Queen
The essence of all of existence
Whose womb birthed humanity into existence
My skin glistens with the first kiss of the Sun,
Glows with the radiance of the moon
I am their daughter
A goddess walking amongst men
I deceive those that meet me,
Playing the bumbling fool,
The less knowledgeable woman
But I see and know these human hearts
As I know my own
They have forgotten the secret that I have
Held onto for so long
I am a Queen
Not a subordinate
A Goddess
Full of mercy
A woman
Tender and loving
Black and beautiful
Embodied with the strength of Storms
The history of the Great Mother
And the legacy of nations
Let my secret shine bright
From the inside out
Within this sanctuary of technology
I hold who I am
Who I must be
Who I will become
I am a Queen
Now I claim my birthright...

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